The class of 2020

This spring, students, faculty, and staff navigated the unexpected challenge of moving all our courses online due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The studios were shuttered, the campus was closed, and our physical collaborations were replaced with a screen. We have faced an unprecedented time and have been asked to do unprecedented work. Through it all we continue to work, create, and build community. It has been incredibly impressive to witness the innovative solutions, personal resolve, and speed with which our faculty and students have adapted to online instruction. It’s clearly not been ideal but it has taught us much about what’s possible, revealing new and interesting ways to engage in creative study.

The Class of 2020 has arrived at graduation unlike any class before them, but we couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments. They will leave us as creative leaders, driven change-makers, and life-long learners.

the work

Our Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts with Honors students work towards a thesis project or paper in their senior year. Typically these studio and design projects are shared in our department galleries and the thesis papers at an honors symposium. This online collection of our students’ work will be their digital thesis show. We invite you to share it, tweet it, social-media it, and reach out to the students. Celebrate their work and mark this passage by helping us make our first digital thesis show one that they will remember:

the department

Art | Art History | Design

The Department of Art, Art History & Design is a multi-disciplinary department offering programs of study in studio art, art history, and design. Our graduate and undergraduate programs provide unique perspectives on what it means to be an artist, designer, and art history scholar at a liberal arts university. Under the guidance of a talented and diverse faculty, students acquire a broad range of creative skills necessary to find innovative solutions, work collaboratively, think critically, and cultivate the personal discipline and maturity to reflect thoughtfully and humanistically on the complex world culture we live and work in today.