Ahlering Jackoboice

BFA | Visual Communication Design


My name is Ahlering Jackoboice and I am a BFA student with a concentration in Visual Communication Design, originally from Grand Rapids, MI. As a student at Notre Dame I have been given the opportunity to explore my passions across all modes of art making and design. Growing up I was always creatively inclined but was unsure of what I wanted to study in College. Just a few months into my Freshman year at ND I found the design department to be the place for me. Outside of design I am passionate about photography and music and hope to carry those passions into my future career.


College students face immense pressure in their day-to-day lives and, as a direct result, are experiencing increasing levels of stress. The Idle Minds Preservation Society is a student-first mental well-being initiative that gives students the opportunity to prioritize themselves and their well-being. Idle Minds Preservation Society gives students what they truly need, the permission to just do nothing. Presented as an elite society, students are encouraged to place IMPS on their resume in place of a “resume building” activity that no longer serves a positive purpose in their lives. With the sole objective of providing students with the opportunity to take a break, the Idle Minds Preservation Society encourages Notre Dame students to, for once, put their mental well-being first

Idle Minds: Preservation Society