Christina Sayut

BFA | Visual Communication Design


Hello! I’m Christina Sayut, a Visual Communication Design BFA student at the University of Notre Dame with minors in Studio Art and Musical Theater. I’ve focused my design work on branding and identity-building, with a special interest in accessibility in all fields. Alongside my studies, I’ve been deeply involved in journalism at The Observer, serving as Graphics Editor and Ad Design Manager. I’ve also worked as a Social Media Assistant & Content Creator for Notre Dame Campus Ministry, focusing on storytelling and community engagement. Beyond academics, I enjoy baking, dancing, and singing really poorly at karaoke.


Kinware emphasizes the reverence for family and the cherished tradition of communal dinings. Beyond just tableware, the project is a commitment to nurturing connections and strengthening familial bonds. In today’s age, the tradition of gathering around a table for a shared meal has dwindled. Yet, its ability to foster belonging in a group persists. Kinware pushes for a revival of this sacred practice, celebrating the memories that become when loved ones join together.

Each meticulously crafted ceramic piece serves as a conduit for shared experiences. From cups that fit well in the hand to bowls with a scooping attachment, every detail is made with intentionality and care. With Kinware, the dining table transcends the utilitarian function, becoming a sanctuary where memories and forges and relationships are fortified.

While promoting togetherness, Kinware also champions inclusivity. Subtle design modifications ensure an easier use for individuals who have dexterity issues, broadening the reach of communal dining.  Embodying a movement dedicated to honoring and preserving the timeless traditions that unite us, Kinware nourishes not only the body but also the soul.

Through the overarching mission, Kinware aims to inspire families to prioritize quality time and curate moments of connection that endure across generations. I envision dining tables as hallowed spaces—where conversation flows freely, laughter resounds, and love saturates the atmosphere.