Da Young Park

BA Honors | Industrial Design


To have studied design at Notre Dame has come to encompass a lot of different meanings during my last four years as an undergraduate. With an industrial design concentration, I was able to supplement these studies with additional minors and courses such as in sociology and digital marketing – a combination chosen to best achieve well-rounded, creative solutions uniting visual details, user-centric thinking and business of desirability needed in design. 

I am continuing to learn how far-reaching the field of design is, how collaborative it is with so many other industries and how it still continues to grow. With a personal love for the arts and all things creative, I hope to further grow in my journey with design. As I experience my first post-graduate role in user experience design at LinkedIn Corporation, I am excited to see where my education and curiosity for all things design will take me next.


StrongHer is a digital app to provide safety intervention particularly for use by college women within their community. College women, ages 18-24, are at an elevated risk of sexual violence – three times the average woman. Among undergraduate women enrolled in U.S. colleges, 56.2% experience sexually harassing behavior. Especially for college-age communities and campus or near-campus environments, lines are often blurred, and many women find themselves in uncomfortable situations. My thesis addresses a more subtle need for women to feel safer. StrongHer is a defense tool designed for college women to feel safer, take ownership and proactivity in their safety. 

Of course, all harassment is at the fault of the perpetrator only. While StrongHer does not aim to nor is able to resolve the issue of harassment as a whole, it provides a preventative, student-centered solution, utilizing the one tool many college students always have at hand: their phones. StrongHer seeks to address situations that young women in colleges may feel are more nuanced or “not big enough” to seek assistance in – on top of the essential alarms, emergency contacts and other SOS features. Particularly on college campuses, it would be a tool for students and their respective schools alike, to take full advantage of the resources that are available, but that not many students may know of or have a consolidated, dedicated space for – that StrongHer provides.