Elizabeth Cunningham

BA Honors | Industrial Design


Hi! My name is Elizabeth Cunningham, and I am a BA Honors student in Industrial Design, with a minor in Italian. Through my work in design, I strive to create products that solve overlooked problems–overlooked because either people have gotten used to the norm, or just because people aren’t willing to focus on them. I try to use design to create new ways of looking at problems while also keeping things somewhat familiar for users.


STATtracks is a device that, when combined with its app, creates an environment where every athlete can have the ability to advance their levels of play in their respective sports. Through interviews and surveys, I found that coaches and players alike wished for there to be more communication between them. Players wanted to have more personalized feedback as to what they should train, and coaches wished that they had the time to truly help everyone on the team in order to create a higher functioning unit. The STATtracks app takes a regular managerial team app and pushes it further to include these ideas–there is a calendar and messaging, as well as a section to upload statistics. The physical device tracks those statistics and uploads them automatically, thus giving athletes a way to visualize their progress quantitatively. Once the statistics are uploaded, the coaches get the opportunity to give feedback on each workout, thus giving everyone an equal opportunity to advance their levels of play. If a coach is unable to talk to a player during practice or a game, they can use the app to look at the players’ statistics from that event, then comment on them there. Creating this space allows for everyone to have the means necessary to be able to further their abilities and also begins to teach athletes how to coach themselves so that they can be the best player they can be.