Katherine Gaylord

BFA | Industrial Design


Hi! My name is Katherine Gaylord and I’m from Greensboro, North Carolina. I am a BFA Industrial Design major at the University of Notre Dame. Through my work, I hope to create thoughtful innovations that solve real-world problems. I enjoy developing creative solutions through sketches, prototype mock-ups, and product visualizations. I like practicing my current skills while also learning new techniques and software to continuously expand my knowledge within the design field.


Navigate is a guide dog harness for the blind or visually impaired community. The success of a guide dog team lies in effectively transmitting information between the guide dog and the user. Navigate’s sliding track, mounted on the dog’s shoulders and connected directly to the handle, allows for the direct transmission of vibrations and movements to the user. In addition, the left-to-right movement of the handle allows the user to easily give directional prompts to the dog. 

In order to be more inclusive towards blind or visually impaired users, Navigate utilizes custom magnetic buckles. The magnetic force helps guide users to fasten the two ends of the buckle. The buckle is then easily released by pushing the two pieces together and twisting. Lastly, Navigate’s lightweight handle telescopes into various heights. Users are given complete control and customization depending on their unique height, grip preference, or dog gait. The quick-release system ensures that the handle can be quickly removed and stored away when space confinements arise. 

Navigate: Guide Dog Harness