Madison Syufy

BFA | Painting


My name is Madison, and I was born and raised just outside of San Francisco, California, where I enjoy goofing around with my friends, exploring new hiking trails, and watching movies. I have always been drawn to the artistic world, and as I’ve gotten older, I gravitated more toward two-dimensional mediums, specifically painting. I am currently a BFA at the University of Notre Dame with a concentration in Painting and Drawing. I have been exploring the way figures, specifically women, are villainized and immortalized in Greek Mythology, and how that impacts how we write female characters today. 


Female characters in Greek Mythology are often reduced to a one-dimensional persona defined by a singular “villainous” act. In my work I expand these single story female characters into complex protagonists by showing them confidently reclaiming their “object of demise.” I am influenced by the way women have been depicted in ancient mythology and how those depictions persist in modern sources. Many of the negative themes established in Homer and Euripides are still prevalent today. As a result, I set out to paint my characters as they are; nuanced women. They are more than one moment in time and I am calling attention to that complexity.

Female Villains in Greek Mythology