Paige Smith

BFA | Industrial Design


Hello, my name is Paige Smith and I am a BFA in industrial design. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois. Through design I hope to inspire others to think creatively, celebrate beauty, and embrace the natural world. I also enjoy dancing, painting, and traveling. Someday I dream of trekking in the Himalayas.


The Maya Rocker is an adaptable furniture piece that provides a sustainable alternative to several children’s early development products. Children change quickly, and the environments that surround them likewise evolve over time. Where there is a general understanding that children’s products won’t last more than a few years, there is also a unique opportunity to increase longevity by creating durable, multifunctional objects which meet a family’s current and future aesthetic and physical needs. Maya features a rocking structural frame with a removable woven textile basket that functions as both a bassinet and a seat. As a child grows, the rocker adapts to each life stage to allow rest and relaxation, provide comfort through motion, and inspire physical creativity. 

In 2020, sustainable design looks beyond material innovation towards functional considerations that will increase product longevity and flexibility. This product fits alongside other contemporary innovations in children’s home products which aim to celebrate change and growth over time. 

By eliminating weight limits and incorporating materials that absorb wear and tear, Maya is intended to be used and cherished for the duration of childhood and beyond before being passed along to others.