Sana Khan

MFA | Visual Communication Design


Growing up in Pakistan inspires an artist in everyone: first is the discernment developed from living in a city that teaches you to find beauty in potholes. Then it’s the centuries-old history—from Lahore, with its Mughal frescos and colonial-style architecture, to Karachi, with its Gothic-style Cathedral and Arabesque patterns covering the domes. My creativity stems from this background and led me to pursue a Masters in Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design (VCD).

Before pursuing graduate school, I was working at an advertising agency, Ogilvy as a Creative Manager on the Coca-Cola Company account. Since my professional career operated on the principles of art and design, research, marketing communications, writing, presentation and practice, my design approach is a combination of these principles.


#ShowHerstory is a design intervention that consists of a multifaceted campaign which uses advocacy channels and guerilla marketing tactics to stir conversations about the limited portrayals of Pakistani women in local TV series.