Brittany Keane-Murphy

BA Honors | Industrial Design


Hi! My name is Brittany Keane-Murphy and I am a BA Honors industrial design major with a Chinese supplementary major. I am originally from Atlanta, GA, though I now reside close to campus in South Bend, IN. In my free time I love spending time with friends watching a movie, keeping active or just hanging out and chatting. Through design I hope to help improve the lives of those who struggle with often overlooked problems, and never stop learning and improving on my design skills.


Playin is a versatile playground integrated into a modern, contemporary sectional that lets kids stay active and safe while teaching them valuable skills like balance, strength and body coordination. As the rise of electronics competes with opportunities for kids to get active, obesity rates in the United States have more than tripled in the last 50 years. The COVID-19 pandemic has only contributed to this trend as many outdoor parks were closed, forcing kids to remain indoors and limiting their opportunities to get out and play. As many parents know, these outdoor environments are much more conducive to active play, yet children will often bring the same level of energy indoors, leading to the use of indoor furniture in place of dedicated play equipment. Sports like gymnastics can help kids to channel this energy towards learning useful skills like body coordination, flexibility, sportsmanship and confidence, but home gymnastics equipment is often large, bulky and brightly colored, standing out against the backdrop of a modern home. 

Playin is designed to provide an indoor space for your child to learn and play safely while still looking like a beautiful piece of furniture that complements your home. The different configurations allow your kids to work on a variety of different skills with the only limit being their imagination, while mom and dad have a beautiful couch that can fit right in with the rest of their home.