Clare Gaylord

BFA | Industrial Design


I am a BFA in industrial design major dedicated to quality craft, meaningful solutions to real-world problems, and lifelong learning. I was an English major, Russian major, and graphic design major before I finally discovered industrial design.

With industrial design, there is always something new to learn or something to improve. I love the challenge of constantly honing my craft and expanding my thinking. Grasshopper and HTML/CSS are next on my list of things I want to learn.​

My goal as a junior designer is to bring to life products that are human-centered, purposeful, and desirable. I strive for visually impactful deliverables through storytelling, visual communication, form language, and product visualizations.


Sewing and quilting have a unique heritage and community, but people oftentimes perceive them as too time consuming and labor intensive. The premise for my thesis was to explore how sewing and quilting can become more accessible through improved products. Observations and interviews drove the decision to redesign the rotary cutter. The final design provides flexibility, precision, and speed to the cutting process.

Human-centered, purposeful, and comfortable were the core design principles of this project. The final design derives from observations, improves a real-world issue, and includes a user-friendly handle. Given that process and labor are central to the sewing and quilting experience, my solution does not remove the labor or time completely, but rather accommodates sewers and quilters so they have more control over their experience.

Handled: Cutting Fabric Made Easy