Clementine Ganley

BFA | Industrial Design


I am a senior B.F.A Industrial Design student. I am originally from Abbeyknockmoy, Co. Galway, Ireland. I like to spend my spare time painting and drawing. I also greatly enjoy horticulture and traditional Irish music.


My design focuses on children’s products, specifically enabling children to enjoy their childhood to the fullest. After a child is diagnosed with type one diabetes, it is essential to keep their daily activities the same, while maintaining blood sugar within the ideal range.

Having family and friends with type one diabetes, I became aware of the everyday disruptions that are caused from managing this illness, particularly for children and teens. Studies have shown that teens with type one diabetes are more likely to suffer from depression, eating disorders, and other psychiatric disorders than those who do not have the illness. Keeping control and a regular routine is key for mental health, and overall health of a diabetic.

There are many products required to manage type one diabetes, but few make it accessible to younger users. Therefore, I sought to increase the control diabetics have of their blood sugar while decreasing the steps necessary to reach this control. 

This has led me to finding an alternative method of increasing control: a smart backpack. This backpack enables the young user to learn what they need to have to keep their blood sugar within a healthy range during the day, allowing them to be independent while giving them tools to help them succeed in the management of their diabetes.


Beeti Bag