Isabella Di Bono Becerra

BFA | Painting


I am Isa: I was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras where I grew up until I graduated High School. Physical materials have been my preferred way to express myself. Painting is what I practice the most, but I am also constantly trying to learn how new mediums work and how to express myself through them. At Notre Dame I discovered that I am fascinated with studying history through physical objects humans have created over time. So, I decided to pursue a BFA in studio art and a supplementary major in art history.

Besides being amazed by the color in pigments I am always noticing naturally occurring colors and patterns all around us. I also enjoy experimenting with new recipes, discovering new music and having a good time! My paintings are born from both an acceptance of the unknown and a motivation to always keep exploring. Art is a space for me where I can physically imagine and play out any case scenario and make mistakes without consequences.


Through the vast possibilities of color, line, and form, I create abstract paintings that materialize the flowing complex of decisions I take in the moment of making. I experiment with changes in opacity, texture and viscosity by employing pouring, dripping, scraping, and mark making techniques. Each moment informs the next, guiding me into endless possibilities within the limitations of the materiality of paint.

I dialogue with the materials and the history of painting, as I depart from a Western tradition that attempts to present reality through fixed explanations. My open-ended process embraces and celebrates the idea that there is no single, static resolution. My compositions evoke a sense of expansion that resists a linear narrative, and rather welcome an exciting interplay of evolving interpretations. Through a layering of quick, intuitive responses and patient introspection, a sense of constant transformation is recorded on the canvas. 

My work is a continuous negotiation between seemingly opposed mindsets: conscious and instinctive, free and restricted, continuous and fragmented. The indefinite paths I pursue, take innumerable detours to arrive at a state of harmony resolved in response to the moment and the materials I engage with.

Competing Gravities (Where memories get lost)

Oil paint on canvas | 45 x 60 inches | 2021

Ebbing and Emerging

Ink and oil paint on canvas | 48 x 36 inches | 2021

I Almost Remember

Ink and oil paint on canvas| 48 x 36 inches | 2021

Between The Whole and The Parts

Ink and oil paint on canvas | 55 x 55 inches | 2021

Suspended Release

Ink and oil paint on canvas | 36 x 36 inches | 2021