Jaleel Blanchard

Jaleel BlanchardBA Honors | PaintingARTIST BIOMy name is Jaleel Blanchard and I’m an Studio art major from New Orleans, Louisiana. I enjoy drawing and painting people and trying to capture their emotions and personality. I’ve spent most of my time learning from masters of figure painting such as Michaelangelo, John Singer Sargent and Gustav Klimt.… Read More

Stella Moon

Stella MoonBFA | SculptureARTIST BIOI am a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in sculpture. I grew up in Los Angeles and currently live in the small town of Roseburg, Oregon. Other than folding paper, I have a passion for singing, and I love to play the piano, go swimming, travel, and make jewelry.… Read More

Lilly Reyes

Lilly ReyesBFA | PaintingARTIST BIOMy name is Lilly Reyes, I grew up in Chicago, and have always had an irrepressible urge to express myself creatively. I had been painting since sophomore year of high school, so when I arrived at Notre Dame, I soon realized that the BFA route was perfect for me. Art has… Read More

Michael Scott Davis

Michael Scott DavisMFA | StudioARTIST BIOI am a United States Navy Veteran and contemporary artist currently pursuing my Master of Fine Arts with a focus in Sculpture at the University of Notre Dame. Honorably serving as a Corpsman, I deployed on numerous worldwide operations and humanitarian missions providing critical medical aid and global health education.… Read More

Coleton Lunt

Coleton LuntMFA | StudioARTIST BIOI grew up in a geologic mecca, southern Utah, where the red sandstone seems to be deliberately sculpted by geologic forces. I was a hiking guide in this place for seven years, half of which I sold pots out of my car to clients, earning enough to put myself through college.… Read More

Katie Neece

Katie NeeceMFA | StudioARTIST BIOI am a third-year MFA student in painting, living and working in South Bend, Indiana. My main interests within my work include hauntology and dead American shopping malls along with music and architectural theory. Some of my favorite artists that inspire my process are artists such as Kay Sage, Alksandra Exter,… Read More

Brittany Williams

Brittany WilliamsMFA | StudioARTIST BIOI was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. I completed my Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Arizona and is about to finish up my Master of Fine Arts degree in photography for the Spring of 2020. My work has been exhibited both nationally… Read More