Mary Votava

Mary VotavaBA Honors | Photography ARTIST BIOAfter medically retiring from collegiate soccer at the University of Notre Dame, I rediscovered my passion for photography and became an Art Studio Major with a concentration in Photography. Being from Portland, Oregon, I was raised with a great appreciation for finding beauty in the natural world around me,… Read More

K. Mae Harkins

K. Mae HarkinsBFA | Ceramics ARTIST BIOMy name is Mae Harkins and I’m originally from Katonah, NY. I received my BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in Ceramics from the University of Notre Dame, along with a BA in Spanish. Along with working with themes of mental health, I enjoy creating photography, printmaking, and… Read More

Jessica Stehlik

Jessica Stehlik BFA | Painting & Drawing ARSTIST BIOMy name is Jessica Stehlik and I am from Chicago, Illinois, where I enjoy reading, painting, and spending time with my family. I am currently a BFA at the University of Notre Dame with a concentration in Painting and Drawing. I have felt particularly drawn to religious… Read More

Joe Matty

Joe MattyMFA | Photography ARTIST BIOI am a photographer from Pittsburgh, PA, focused on the exploration and application of historical photographic processes. Drawing from 19th-century photographic practices, my most recent photographs are created as documents that explore virtual worlds we inhabit in video games. By using the process of wet-plate collodion, I create a physical… Read More

Jacob Lehmann

Jacob LehmannMFA | Painting & Drawing ARTIST BIOSwelling up from the mud of the Blue Ridge Mountains, I am a multi-media artist from Clemson, South Carolina. While I am currently based in South Bend, Indiana, I am interested in investigating my own upbringing as a queer person within southern Appalachia and how the intersections of… Read More

Hans Miles

Hans MilesMFA | Ceramics ARTIST BIOI’m a potter and sculptor from a small town nestled in the craggy granite, shivering pines and listlessness of central Arizona. My work pertains to the livingness of objects, the magnitudes that exist within them and the body’s interplay with the other.  I received my BFA from Arizona State University… Read More

Riley Fichter

Riley FichterMFA | Sculpture ARTIST BIOI am from Baraboo, Wisconsin, and I grew up alongside the Wisconsin River. The watershed of the river was the catalyst for my imagination to flourish. With my brother and friends, we built forts, castles, and designs of grand childhood magnitude.  My experiences here convinced me to become an artist.… Read More

Madison Syufy

Madison SyufyBFA | Painting ARTIST BIOMy name is Madison, and I was born and raised just outside of San Francisco, California, where I enjoy goofing around with my friends, exploring new hiking trails, and watching movies. I have always been drawn to the artistic world, and as I’ve gotten older, I gravitated more toward two-dimensional… Read More
Building Dreams Higher Than Any Borders/ Construyendo Sueños Más Altos Que Cualquier Frontera

Luis Sosa Manubes

Luis Sosa ManubesBA Honors | Ceramics ARTIST BIOMy name is Luis Sosa Manubes. I’m a senior double majoring in computer science and art studio. I’m originally from Tabasco, México, although my family immigrated to the United States a couple years ago. My art is both a celebration and a love letter to my culture and… Read More
from the series “talking to myself”

Ian Baker

Ian BakerBA Honors | Photography ARTIST BIOI’m originally from Chester, Virginia, and am a fifth year in the Reilly Dual Degree Program. I will be receiving a B.S. in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Biomolecular Engineering as well as a B.A. Honors in Studio Art with a concentration in Photography upon graduation in May.… Read More