Isabella Di Bono Becerra

Isabella Di Bono BecerraBFA | Painting ARTIST BIOI am Isa: I was born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras where I grew up until I graduated High School. Physical materials have been my preferred way to express myself. Painting is what I practice the most, but I am also constantly trying to learn how new mediums work and… Read More

Gabriella Hong

Gabriella HongBA Honors | Painting ARTIST BIOMy name is Gabby Hong, and I am a senior majoring in Philosophy and Studio Art. I am from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. While I have always loved expressing myself through making art, I never felt like an artist until I took my first art class my sophomore year here at… Read More

Jenn Kaplan

Jenn KaplanMFA | Ceramics ARTIST BIOI am an art-scienst-activist with an MFA in Ceramics, a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago, and a deeply rooted love of gardening. Teaching, like gardening is a profound part of my life, as it has the capacity to nurture and facilitate potential. I have been teaching (mostly. In… Read More

Cassandra Schifano

Cassandra SchifanoMFA | Sculpture ARTIST BIOMy major is Studio Art concentration in Sculpture. I was born and raised in Wisconsin and did my BFA in Milwaukee majoring in Studio Art with a concentration in Fibers. I love to read poems and hike with my dogs. My favorite artists are Nick Cave and Xenobia Bailey. I… Read More

Ana Fleming

Ana FlemingMFA | Painting ARTIST BIOI am a third-year MFA candidate in painting and drawing, based out of South Bend, IN and Peoria, IL. My work employs illusionistic oil painting and charcoal drawing techniques to tackle questions related to speculative futures, nonhuman worlds, and entangled ecologies. Inspired by thinkers like Donna J. Haraway, Eugene Thacker,… Read More

Anna Thorne

Anna ThorneMFA | Photography ARTIST BIOMy name is Anna Thorne and I am an artist from Florida. I will be graduating with my M.F.A. in Photography this May from the University of Notre Dame. My work focuses on documenting ordinary and overlooked moments of natural light that occur in daily life. Whether I am working… Read More

Jaleel Blanchard

Jaleel BlanchardBA Honors | Painting ARTIST BIOMy name is Jaleel Blanchard and I’m an Studio art major from New Orleans, Louisiana. I enjoy drawing and painting people and trying to capture their emotions and personality. I’ve spent most of my time learning from masters of figure painting such as Michaelangelo, John Singer Sargent and Gustav… Read More

Stella Moon

Stella MoonBFA | Sculpture ARTIST BIOI am a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in sculpture. I grew up in Los Angeles and currently live in the small town of Roseburg, Oregon. Other than folding paper, I have a passion for singing, and I love to play the piano, go swimming, travel, and make… Read More

Lilly Reyes

Lilly ReyesBFA | Painting ARTIST BIOMy name is Lilly Reyes, I grew up in Chicago, and have always had an irrepressible urge to express myself creatively. I had been painting since sophomore year of high school, so when I arrived at Notre Dame, I soon realized that the BFA route was perfect for me. Art… Read More

Michael Scott Davis

Michael Scott DavisMFA | Studio ARTIST BIOI am a United States Navy Veteran and contemporary artist currently pursuing my Master of Fine Arts with a focus in Sculpture at the University of Notre Dame. Honorably serving as a Corpsman, I deployed on numerous worldwide operations and humanitarian missions providing critical medical aid and global health… Read More