Natalie Behling

Natalie BehlingBA Honors | Visual Communication DesignDESIGNER BIOHi! My name is Natalie Behling, and I am a sucker for a good story. Whether I be filling the role of designer, photographer, videographer, social media content creator, or something in between, I try my best to seek out new, engaging, and possibly-overlooked perspectives that go beyond… Read More
Title of Project: Introversion Extroversion

Rebecca Lam

Rebecca LamBA Honors | Visual Communication DesignDESIGNER BIOMy name is Becca Lam and I’m a visual communication design major with a French supplementary major and a minor in European studies – a mouthful, I know. I’m from a small town in the Chicago suburbs and am incredibly passionate about dance. In fact, I’ve been highly… Read More

Iesha Magallanes

Iesha MagallanesBA Honors | Visual Communication DesignDESIGNER BIOI am an African American woman who was raised by a Mexican family in Los Angeles, California. The complications, complexities, and nuances that come along with being a transracial adoptee have broadened my senses and ultimately shaped me to become the person I am proud to be today.… Read More

Jacob Rush

Jacob RushBA Honors | Industrial DesignDESIGNER BIOMy name is Jacob Rush, and I am an Industrial Design major. The latter part of my education at Notre Dame has shifted my focus towards digital user experience. My work now focuses on seamlessly easing the transition of previously physical experiences into a new digital frontier.  My early… Read More

Claire Squire

Claire SquireBA Honors | Industrial DesignDESIGNER BIOI grew up in awe of the natural world, and spent most of my childhood outside, exploring nearby beaches, woods, and fields. I carry that awe with me today as I pursue my passion for sustainability as a graduating industrial design student. I understand design as my lens to… Read More

Lisa von Werder

Lisa von WerderBA Honors | Visual Communication DesignDESIGNER BIOI am a Visual Communication Design major, minoring in Studio Art and Japanese. My interests lie in art, music, and performance, which can be seen in my involvement with ND Admissions, Chorale, and WVFI. My design projects also reflect my love for other fine arts, as I… Read More

Yunyi Bai

Yunyi BaiBFA | Industrial DesignDESIGNER BIOBorn and raised in eight different cities in China, I am a graduating BFA majoring in industrial design with an interest in psychology and learning new languages. I plan to attend graduate school in New York in the fall to continue my exploration in design and I am intrigued by the… Read More

Braden Kimmel

Braden KimmelBFA | Industrial DesignDESIGNER BIOI am from Noblesville, Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis. My interests in design include healthcare, furniture, and digital technology. I am passionate about social justice and my design philosophy is Design for the Margins. At Notre Dame, I have been an active resident of the Morrissey Manor Community, a member… Read More

Emily Olson

Emily OlsonBFA | Industrial DesignDESIGNER BIOHi! My name is Emily Olson and I am a BFA in Industrial Design. I’m a big city gal from New York and London and have a lifelong passion for designing experiences that bring people together in a more connected way. I have a hobby of still being amazed by… Read More

Cameron Ray

Cameron RayBFA | Visual Communication DesignDESIGNER BIOI am a Visual Communication Design BFA student at the University of Notre Dame. Formerly a Studio Art major, I transitioned to Design as a junior. As a designer and an artist, I am interested in examining identity as it forms around place, working primarily in the realm of… Read More