Sophie Schroth

Sophie SchrothBFA | Industrial Design DESIGNER BIOHey, my name is Sophie Schroth! I am an Industrial Design BFA student at the University of Notre Dame. I am from Seattle, Washington where I fell in love with hiking and backpacking at a young age. The mountains have always been a place of solace and rest for… Read More

Sammy Mansfield

Sammy MansfieldBA Honors | Industrial Design DESIGNER BIOMy name is Sammy Mansfield, and I am an industrial design and environmental science major from Manhattan Beach, California. During weekends I like to go on long Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen-powered road trips with my more weathered friends to go rock climbing in Kentucky. During the week… Read More

James Cook

James CookBA Honors | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOAs a double major in the Program of Liberal Studies (PLS) and Visual Communication Design (VCD), I often look for overlaps between the Great Books and Design. Both programs require critical thinking and problem solving, but also provide the opportunity for creativity and great conversation. In addition… Read More

Emma Connors

Emma ConnorsBA Honors | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOI’m Emma Connors, an Anthropology minor and Visual Communication Design major with a passion for public lands. In Bozeman, Montana, I grew up outdoors: I hiked up and skied down mountains, fly-fished rivers, camped in Yellowstone, and backpacked through Glacier. All this time outside made me who… Read More

Elizabeth Cunningham

Elizabeth CunninghamBA Honors | Industrial Design DESIGNER BIOHi! My name is Elizabeth Cunningham, and I am a BA Honors student in Industrial Design, with a minor in Italian. Through my work in design, I strive to create products that solve overlooked problems–overlooked because either people have gotten used to the norm, or just because people… Read More

Anna Frericks

Anna FrericksBFA | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOHello! I am a BFA Visual Communication Design major with a passion for branding and solving problems. I love college football, and get to live out my passion for design and ND football through my job as a designer in the football recruiting office. I am also the… Read More

Ahlering Jackoboice

Ahlering JackoboiceBFA | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOMy name is Ahlering Jackoboice and I am a BFA student with a concentration in Visual Communication Design, originally from Grand Rapids, MI. As a student at Notre Dame I have been given the opportunity to explore my passions across all modes of art making and design. Growing… Read More

Da Young Park

Da Young ParkBA Honors | Industrial Design DESIGNER BIOTo have studied design at Notre Dame has come to encompass a lot of different meanings during my last four years as an undergraduate. With an industrial design concentration, I was able to supplement these studies with additional minors and courses such as in sociology and digital… Read More

Alexandra Champlin

Alexandra ChamplinBFA | Industrial Design DESIGNER BIOHi, my name is Alexandra Champlin! I am a Dean’s List Industrial Design BFA student at the University of Notre Dame. I am from the East Coast where I took up surfing, a newfound passion of mine. In addition to being a design student and budding surfer, I am… Read More

Mary O’Reilly

Mary O'ReillyBFA | Industrial Design DESIGN BIOHi all! I’m Mary O’Reilly, an industrial design and data science student here at Notre Dame. When I’m not working there’s a good chance I’m watching the Red Sox, despite having been born and raised in Northern New Jersey (being a Sox fan in Yankee country has, if anything,… Read More