Payton Oliver

Payton OliverBA Honors | Industrial Design Brick & Mortar Retail Revival DESIGNER BIOMy name is Payton Oliver. I’m a storyteller & user advocate, striving to bring clarity to the non-linear through human-centered design methodologies…but more practically, I am an Industrial Design & Anthropology BA Honors candidate from Cincinnati, OH. I have found my niche in… Read More

Katherine Gaylord

Katherine GaylordBFA | Industrial Design DESIGNER BIOHi! My name is Katherine Gaylord and I’m from Greensboro, North Carolina. I am a BFA Industrial Design major at the University of Notre Dame. Through my work, I hope to create thoughtful innovations that solve real-world problems. I enjoy developing creative solutions through sketches, prototype mock-ups, and product… Read More

Julia Cutajar

Julia CutajarBFA | Industrial Design DESIGNER BIOHello! My name is Julia Cutajar and I am an Industrial Design BFA student here at the University of Notre Dame. I am from Long Island, New York where I grew a love for nature and crafting. Between making figurines out of the shells from my hometown beach or… Read More

Emma Kirner

Emma KirnerBFA | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOMy name is Emma Kirner, and I am graduating from Notre Dame with majors in Honors Visual Communication Design and English. I have lived in South Bend all my life, and the opportunity to attend Notre Dame has been a true privilege. Throughout my time at Notre Dame,… Read More

Christina Sayut

Christina SayutBFA | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOHello! I’m Christina Sayut, a Visual Communication Design BFA student at the University of Notre Dame with minors in Studio Art and Musical Theater. I’ve focused my design work on branding and identity-building, with a special interest in accessibility in all fields. Alongside my studies, I’ve been deeply… Read More

Nik Swift (tiwonku)

Nik Swift (tiwonku)MFA | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOYooo! I’m Nik, a human who consistently tries (and fails, and succeeds, and fails again) to live in the present, and to design things that align with the way that I see the world. I love human connections, music, nature, and even the internet (despite its flaws),… Read More
CRITICA Promo (Paola Agosti Photograph)

Joseph Neus

Joseph NeusBFA | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOHello! I am Joseph Neus, a Visual Communication Design BFA student with a minor in Computing and Digital Technologies. I am a U.S. citizen from a global and cross-cultural background interested in the intersection of technology and visual art. I love to create visual concepts that captivate users… Read More
Compression Molding Samples. Ground Wheat Straw, Corn Starch Bioplastic, Rice Starch, Paper, Gelatin Bio-Resin, 2022.

Jason Carley

Jason CarleyMFA | Industrial Design DESIGNER BIOI am an Industrial Designer focusing on sustainable product development, circular economies, and consumer behavior. My work examines our relationships with resources and how whole-system design can enable empowering experiences with dramatically lower environmental footprints.  My love for learning “how the world works” has led me to explore a… Read More

William Ventura-Chavez

William Ventura-ChavezBFA | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOI am a BFA Visual Communication Design student with a secondary major in Film! I consider myself to be a graphic designer, programmer, Unity developer, artist, cinematographer, editor, motion designer, 3D modeler, print designer, marketer, skateboarder, gamer, rubix cube solver, anime watcher, musical theater enjoyer, hip hop and… Read More
Ecopad Model

Christina Onorato

Christina OnoratoBFA | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOHello! I am Christina Onorato, a BFA Visual Communication Design major with a Business Economics minor. I grew up exploring the beautiful, rolling hills of New Milford, Connecticut, where I gained a deep love for nature’s beauty and a profound respect for the animals that share our ecosystem.… Read More