Olivia Anderson

Olivia AndersonBFA | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOAs a senior BFA in Visual Communication Design, I am grateful for my decision to transition into design my sophomore year. My creative pursuits have led me to a diverse range of freelance opportunities, from web and and branding to packaging and book design. It has also guided me towards entrepreneurial endeavors, like Juke,… Read More

Margaret Murphy

Margaret MurphyBFA | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOBorn and raised in South Bend, I became interested in art from a young age. Coming into college, my love of art shaped me into a Visual Communication Design major, later adding an education minor after experiences teaching and tutoring. After graduation, I will be teaching 4th grade… Read More

Yunyi Bai

Yunyi BaiBFA | Industrial Design DESIGNER BIOBorn and raised in eight different cities in China, I am a graduating BFA majoring in industrial design with an interest in psychology and learning new languages. I plan to attend graduate school in New York in the fall to continue my exploration in design and I am intrigued by… Read More

Braden Kimmel

Braden KimmelBFA | Industrial Design DESIGNER BIOI am from Noblesville, Indiana, just outside of Indianapolis. My interests in design include healthcare, furniture, and digital technology. I am passionate about social justice and my design philosophy is Design for the Margins. At Notre Dame, I have been an active resident of the Morrissey Manor Community, a… Read More

Stella Moon

Stella MoonBFA | Sculpture ARTIST BIOI am a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in sculpture. I grew up in Los Angeles and currently live in the small town of Roseburg, Oregon. Other than folding paper, I have a passion for singing, and I love to play the piano, go swimming, travel, and make… Read More

Emily Olson

Emily OlsonBFA | Industrial Design DESIGNER BIOHi! My name is Emily Olson and I am a BFA in Industrial Design. I’m a big city gal from New York and London and have a lifelong passion for designing experiences that bring people together in a more connected way. I have a hobby of still being amazed… Read More

Cameron Ray

Cameron RayBFA | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOI am a Visual Communication Design BFA student at the University of Notre Dame. Formerly a Studio Art major, I transitioned to Design as a junior. As a designer and an artist, I am interested in examining identity as it forms around place, working primarily in the realm… Read More

Lilly Reyes

Lilly ReyesBFA | Painting ARTIST BIOMy name is Lilly Reyes, I grew up in Chicago, and have always had an irrepressible urge to express myself creatively. I had been painting since sophomore year of high school, so when I arrived at Notre Dame, I soon realized that the BFA route was perfect for me. Art… Read More

Paige Smith

Paige SmithBFA | Industrial Design DESIGNER BIOHello, my name is Paige Smith and I am a BFA in industrial design. I am originally from Chicago, Illinois. Through design I hope to inspire others to think creatively, celebrate beauty, and embrace the natural world. I also enjoy dancing, painting, and traveling. Someday I dream of trekking… Read More