Madison Syufy

Madison SyufyBFA | Painting ARTIST BIOMy name is Madison, and I was born and raised just outside of San Francisco, California, where I enjoy goofing around with my friends, exploring new hiking trails, and watching movies. I have always been drawn to the artistic world, and as I’ve gotten older, I gravitated more toward two-dimensional… Read More
CRITICA Promo (Paola Agosti Photograph)

Joseph Neus

Joseph NeusBFA | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOHello! I am Joseph Neus, a Visual Communication Design BFA student with a minor in Computing and Digital Technologies. I am a U.S. citizen from a global and cross-cultural background interested in the intersection of technology and visual art. I love to create visual concepts that captivate users… Read More

William Ventura-Chavez

William Ventura-ChavezBFA | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOI am a BFA Visual Communication Design student with a secondary major in Film! I consider myself to be a graphic designer, programmer, Unity developer, artist, cinematographer, editor, motion designer, 3D modeler, print designer, marketer, skateboarder, gamer, rubix cube solver, anime watcher, musical theater enjoyer, hip hop and… Read More
Ecopad Model

Christina Onorato

Christina OnoratoBFA | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOHello! I am Christina Onorato, a BFA Visual Communication Design major with a Business Economics minor. I grew up exploring the beautiful, rolling hills of New Milford, Connecticut, where I gained a deep love for nature’s beauty and a profound respect for the animals that share our ecosystem.… Read More

Sophie Schroth

Sophie SchrothBFA | Industrial Design DESIGNER BIOHey, my name is Sophie Schroth! I am an Industrial Design BFA student at the University of Notre Dame. I am from Seattle, Washington where I fell in love with hiking and backpacking at a young age. The mountains have always been a place of solace and rest for… Read More

Sienna Wilson

Sienna WilsonBFA | Photography ARTIST BIOI am an art studio major with a concentration in photography. I am also a member of the fencing team, so when I don’t have a camera in my hand, I probably have a saber in it! I grew up in the small town of Falls of Rough, Kentucky, where… Read More

Anna Frericks

Anna FrericksBFA | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOHello! I am a BFA Visual Communication Design major with a passion for branding and solving problems. I love college football, and get to live out my passion for design and ND football through my job as a designer in the football recruiting office. I am also the… Read More

Ahlering Jackoboice

Ahlering JackoboiceBFA | Visual Communication Design DESIGNER BIOMy name is Ahlering Jackoboice and I am a BFA student with a concentration in Visual Communication Design, originally from Grand Rapids, MI. As a student at Notre Dame I have been given the opportunity to explore my passions across all modes of art making and design. Growing… Read More

Alexandra Champlin

Alexandra ChamplinBFA | Industrial Design DESIGNER BIOHi, my name is Alexandra Champlin! I am a Dean’s List Industrial Design BFA student at the University of Notre Dame. I am from the East Coast where I took up surfing, a newfound passion of mine. In addition to being a design student and budding surfer, I am… Read More

Mary O’Reilly

Mary O'ReillyBFA | Industrial Design DESIGN BIOHi all! I’m Mary O’Reilly, an industrial design and data science student here at Notre Dame. When I’m not working there’s a good chance I’m watching the Red Sox, despite having been born and raised in Northern New Jersey (being a Sox fan in Yankee country has, if anything,… Read More